Design Team
Design Team Member: Tze Lee
Designed by Tze Lee at Ziba Design, Portland, for Wacom Japan/USA 2008. Launched.
Red Dot Design Award 2009
Best digital accessory TIPA Europe
Please do not reproduce in any form or post on blogs without the expressed written consent from Tze Lee.
Digital Drawing Tablet
Industrial Design / Ergonomics
In order for technology to replace pen and paper, the Intuos 4 needed to be more craft and computing. Handling, thiness, tactility and even the sound of pen on paper was essential for the close connection between artist and artwork. To achieve this, the Intuos 4 needed a dead simple learning curve and interaction elements that were here when you needed it and gone when you don't.

The new pen and mouse accessories received amazing feedback on artist forums as a huge evolution from the Intuos 3. Even users familiar with the previous intuos mouse - often lamented as unwieldy and unused, finally praised it as a worthy tool to the intuos tablet.
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