Design Team
Design Team Member: Tze Lee
Designed by Tze Lee at Ziba Design, Portland, for Wacom Japan/USA 2010. Launched Oct 2011.
Red Dot Design Award 2013
IDSA Award 2012
Macworld Award 2012
Please do not reproduce in any form or post on blogs without the expressed written consent from Tze Lee.
Professional Digital Sketching Tool
Industrial Design / Ergonomics & Usability
Redesigning the industry-leading Wacom Cintiq tablet around a group of professional users at the center of the vision and framing technical innovation around the user experience.
The core design experience centered on seamless work flow. From intuitive controls layout that let the user focus on their creative content, to making 60 pounds of technology feather-light and precise to adjust; The large digital canvas fluidly adapted to various work positions, going from desktop right into your lap effortlessly.
The new Cintiq sold out its entire initial product run within four days of release and earned Gizmodo’s Best Graphics Tablet of 2011 designation, along with dozens of glowing reviews from the tech and design press.
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