Design Team
Lead Designer: Donn Koh
Designed by Donn Koh at One & Co, San Francisco, for HTC, 2009. Launched 2010.
Designed with Jonah Becker, Claude Zellweger, Scott Croyle, Derek Loh, Lucase Mena (One & Co) and Johnson Chiang, Bill Wu, Thomas Chien (HTC), and T-Mobile Industrial Design Team
Please do not reproduce in any form or post on blogs without the expressed written consent from Donn Koh and HTC.
Mobile Phone for HTC & T-Mobile
Industrial Design
T-Mobile wanted MyTouch 4G to be the next generation of its hugely successful HTC Magic. The intention is to reposition the mid-level MyTouch 3G (Magic) as a new high-end offering - a premium flagship device with bigger screen, 4G speeds, and the fastest processor available.
This was a project about evolving the identity of an existing family of products towards an updated, more up-market, premium positioning, while maintaining the balance of having strong recognizable correlation with the lineage.
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