Agilty and Empathy

enables us to work within your business needs and constraints to build your brand and make stuff your users love

STUCK designs smart solutions from broad perspectives that turns complexity into simplicity and pleasure, delivered in sophisticated and memorable aesthetics and user experiences, for products, apps and brands.

Design Done Right for Users and Businesses
Devoted to creating humanistic design that is smart, aesthetic, appropriate and easy to use, we create best-selling hits like the recently launched AIR+ Smart Mask and the Merlion ChouChou. Both products had the nation queuing and displaced the sales leadership of established brands.
Aligning with Your Brand
We operate without dogma, with flexibility ranging from the simple, calm and understated, to the exciting and boldly beautiful. It's less about our style, and more about the appropriate approach for your project and business.

Industrial / Product Design
Ideation  /  Ethnography & User Insights Research  /  User-Centred Design & Usability
Ergonomics & Human Factors  /  Product and Workflow Simplification and Optimization
Aesthetics - Creating the Iconic, Memorable & Appropriate  /  Branding by Product Design
3D CAD  /  Prototyping, Visualization and Animation
Mechanical Innovation  /  Engineering Liaison

Digital Interfaces UI / UX
UX Wireframes Planning  /  Inconvenient Workflows Made Swift, Logical & Hassle-Free
MVP Design and Developer Liaison  /  Interface Design Prototyping & Code Development
App UI Design: Aesthetics, Identity & Branding
Infographics: Complex Information Made Beautiful, Clear & Friendly

Branding & User Experience
Visual Branding  /  Identity & Design Development  /  Guidelines Creation  /  Naming
Packaging Visuals  /  Structural Packaging
Graphics, Illustrations & Marketing Visuals
Space, Interiors and Retail Experiences

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