Curator and Exhibition Designer: Hans Tan
Designed for Singapore Changi Airport, 2010. Produced and exhibited July - September 2010.
Please do not reproduce in any form or post on blogs without the expressed written consent from Hans Tan.
Rest & Relax
An Exhibition of Contemporary Seats in Changi Airport
Curation / Exhibition Design
"Rest & Relax" is an exhibition of contemporary seats designed by Singaporean designers, where each work provides a sensation of "rest", either through visual form, physical tactility or conceptual intention. The exhibition scenography takes inspiration from Japanese Rock Gardens, using a play of light and texture to create an intuitive barrier that overcame the challenge of protecting the chairs from public abuse whilst avoiding conspicuous barricades. 

Visitors were able to partake in the survey of the exhibits, and at the same time rest on luxury bean bag sofas provided by ambient lounge while in transit. The exhibition was held at Singapore Changi Airport Level 3 Terminal 2 Transit Lounge for a 3 month period and attracted a total of 51,555 passengers. 
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