Industrial Design
STUCK Design Team
Lead Design Director: Lee Tze Ming
Design Lead: Lim Chi Yong

Designed and developed in 2016. Launched in Apr 2017
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Advanced Pet-sitting robot
Industrial Design
Pebby is a ball on a mission to keep you and your pet together even when you’re not physically there.
Built around play
We worked with innovative technology startup Sybotech to design a new type of pet monitoring device that is built around the experience of play. Moving beyond passive monitoring and activity tracking, Pebby lets you actively play and interact with your pets from anywhere in the world, bringing peace of mind with an element of fun.
Activity-monitoring to Activity-time
Pebby is a combination of a smart collar and Wi-Fi controlled “ball” that follows pets around. It puts pet owners’ minds at ease as it tracks their furry loved ones’ activities and sends key insights about their behavior and health to the Pebby companion app. A built-in wide-angle camera is stabilised by micro-controlled independent suspension, giving you an optimal view of everything you might have missed while you were away, recording and sharing footage at the touch of a button.
Autonomy with intelligence
The intelligent Auto-Follow and Auto-Play functions turns Pebby autonomous, checking on or entertaining Rover while you get back to business. Cats can also play with a specially designed pet and human safe laser and 2-way audio and mobile notifications lets you, or your pet initiate play time. When it’s time for a break, the auto-dock function can automatically locate the wireless charging station to prepare Pebby for the next session.
Versatility instantly
We designed a unique casing system that lets you customize your Pebby smart ball with an array of different colors and patterns, simply by changing the magnetic caps.

*Photo credits, Pebby

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