Design Team:

Lee Tze Ming (STUCK Principals)
Cheng Siew Ming, Donn Koh, Yong Jieyu (Designer, Team)
Designed and developed in Sep 2011 - Nov 2012
Launched in Jan 2013

Please do not reproduce in any form or post on blogs without the expressed written consent from STUCK.
Pearlie White
Design Language for Pearlie White 2012
CFM / Consumer Research and Insights / Design Strategy / Identity / Packaging / Product Design
A Language that Unifies & Creates a Distinct Brand Experience

The Pearlie White Design Language is a design strategy for a product's design DNA. Presenting products in a logical and consistent way that is clearly recognisable by a brand and its consumers.
The brand was heavily reliant on its logo and packaging graphics to unify their products. As a result, once their products were taken out of the packaging and in consumers homes, they lacked consistency and clear brand recognition.

Built on a foundation of brand and consumer research, the Design language presented a ready to roll-out family of products, as well as a complete strategy to guide subsequent product development in a way that maintained the same brand language and identity.
The strategy encompassed the full experience of a product: how the product is percieved at point-of-sale alongside competition, how it looked like in consumers homes and how it felt like to use and touch. These touchpoints were all designed to reflect a consistent, premium language.
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