Design Team
Designed by Donn Koh, with Elias Teo and Luke Cocker. 2005.
Please do not reproduce in any form or post on blogs without the expressed written consent from Donn Koh.
Pencil Sharpener in Sheet-Bent Steel
Industrial Design
Origami Inspiration
Inspired by the understatement and abstraction of Japanese Origami, this sharpener derives its appeal from the same essence: Creating structure, function and form out of sheet material, using simple processes, with no excessive shapes that ‘over-describe’ the object.
Fat-Free Design: The Appeal of Honesty
There is no excess - each production step affords an important part of the sharpener’s function. The grinded edge becomes the shaving blade, while each fold either helps to create the required volumes for ergonomic handling, or the walls that guide the pencil into position.

When the entire aesthetic and construction is a result of its essential functions instead of the artifice of style, the object achieves an elegant ‘optimum’ and honesty that has a kind of special resonance with users.
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