Design Team
Lead Designer: Donn Koh
STUCK Principals: Tze Lee, Yong Jieyu
Design Support: Ng Xin Nie

Designed in June 2015. Launched in Aug 2015.
Please do not reproduce in any form or post on blogs without the expressed written consent from STUCK.
Reinventing a National Icon
Product Design / Character Design / Illustration
Meet the Merlion Chouchou, the reincarnation of Singapore’s renowned national icon, the Merlion. Recognised for its half-lion, half-mermaid visage, the Merlion is a national symbol which reflects Singapore’s maritime heritage – the legendary guardian of Singapore’s prosperity from the city-state’s humble beginnings.
Though celebrated by tourists the world over, the icon resonates little with Singaporeans – barely a surprise looking at its hard-faced, mid-roar expression and stern demeanor. STUCK decided to reimagined it as a souvenir-plushie, as a tribute to Singapore’s 50th birthday.
Overwhelming Adoration
From zero engagement to a flood of wefies and photobombs on Instagram, and snaking lines that have Singaporeans queuing for over 30 minutes to get their hands on the Merlion Chouchou. We've turned the tides for this mystical sea creature - gone viral on social media. It's one thing to get tourists to purchase the Merlion, but another altogether to have the locals embrace our own national mascot with such fervour.
Instagram photo credits @
jiaying37, unicornbots, crushcupcake, kennethwee_, bordvxblxck, baoeatsworld, jjjeanietan, ttiangg, jellychoos, wynnnne, joanne.goh.
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