Design Team
Design Principals: Lee Tze Ming, Yong Jieyu
Design Team: Cheng Siew Ming, Ng Xinnie, Hans Tan
Implemented with Chen Weiyan, Joyce Li (inMerryMotion), Bernice Wong, Yam Fusheng, Zheng Cai (Hello Stranger), Palani (A & B Landscape & Construction), Goh Yi Jau (Kienta Engineering Construction Pte Ltd), Transient Workers Count Too
Designed and implemented in July 2013 - Sep 2013
Please do not reproduce in any form or post on blogs without the expressed written consent from STUCK.
Social Project, Pop-Up Photobooth for Construction Workers, 2013
Creative Direction / Pro Bono
Singapore's 48th birthday was coming and we wanted to celebrate the unsung heroes of nation building. We felt that, both physically and economically, foreign construction workers contributed much to the building of our nation and the arbitrage of lower labour cost. Together with pop-up event photographers HelloStrangers, and the riotous duo from In Merry Motion, STUCK put together a pop-up event at 3 landmark areas - Little India, a HDB (Singapore'a answer to social housing) construction site, and a foreign workers dormitory.
We surprised the workers with photo booth erected with props and a cheery team to take jovious and celebratory portraits of our beloved foreign workers. The workers get, on the spot, printed copies of their photos for keepsake and mailing back to their families. They can also access and download their photos from the web. We also appeared on national radio 95.8fm and the newspaper to talk about the project and share about their stories.
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