Design Team
Lead Designer: Donn Koh
Animation and Rendering: Yong Jieyu, Cheng Siew Ming, Luigi Memola
Web Design: Yong Jieyu, Shawn Ng, Cheng Siew Ming
Designed and developed in Feb 2015
Please do not reproduce in any form or post on blogs without the expressed written consent from STUCK.
Limited Run Digital Craft Luxury Design
Industrial Design / Digital Craft
Breaking the box of assembly
The Advent case design for luxury brand Gray presents an unexpected new way of mounting a case onto mobile phones by taking advantage of the new form factor and buttons location of the iPhone 6 series - enabling quick and easy assembly without screws and latches, and fully maximizing the ultra-high tensile strength titanium. The unique construction also gives rise to the iconic split-halves aesthetic of the case.
Advent's unique construction affords a new way of packaging and display - akin to presenting 'luxury ammunition'.
Each material finish is produced in serialized, limited runs.
Advent in optional aurora finishing.
Stealth black finishing.
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