Design Team
Lead Designer: Yong Jieyu
STUCK Principals: Tze Lee, Donn Koh
Designer: Cheng Siew Ming
Design Support: Haruka Hikita, Yovina Rizka Nugroho

Designed for SFIC in Dec 2012 - Feb 2013. Launched in Mar 2013.
Please do not reproduce in any form or post on blogs without the expressed written consent from STUCK.
FutureCraft Exhibition
SFIC Exhibition Design
Creative Direction, Exhibition Design
The FutureCraft Exhibition in 2013 exhibited 14 designer works inspired by Indonesian craft manufacturers. STUCK was comissioned by SFIC to work on the exhibition design. The main concept was to be able to view these furniture pieces and appreciate them from all angles without putting them on pedestals. 
Putting furniture exhibits on ground level however poses a challenge of being seated on by the public. The solution was to create a thin border filled with wood chips where the furniture pieces will be displayed. Any attempt to step over the border and invite the crisping sounds of wood chips will prove too much to bear for the 'viewer-intruder'. The width of the border ensures that the furniture is close enough to be appreciated yet far enough to not be touched.
The open concept allows viewing of the pieces from all angles. To make construction cost efficient and easy, we designed the modules to be repeatitive and easy to assemble, with individual pillars movable to create customized spaces for bigger or smaller exihibit pieces.
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