Design Team
Designers: Yong Jieyu, Donn Koh, Lee Tze Ming, Cheng Siew Ming
Designed by STUCK in 2014
Please do not reproduce in any form or post on blogs without the expressed written consent from STUCK.
VASE 0.5
Interpretation of a Vase for Museum Label, 2014
Design Poetry / Vision / Art
An invitation by FARM to interprete the form of an everyday object - the vase, as part of a collection for the Museum Label of National Museum of Singapore. STUCK's approach is to further consider the vase as a display and vessel; amplifying it's function wtihout subversion of the familiar image or relationship.
Dissecting the vase exposes the volume within. The negative space that supported the external form of the vase now becomes an ample frame, holding and complementing the flower from within. Inverted, the vase becomes a drying instrument, displaying and celebrating the transicence of bloom between life and death.
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