Design Team:
STUCK Principals: Donn Koh, Lee Tze Ming,Yong Jieyu
Designed in Oct 2010 - Nov 2010
Please do not reproduce in any form or post on blogs without the expressed written consent from STUCK.
Design Language Exploration for Inspiron 2012
Industrial Design / Product Design / Design Strategy
A Canvas, like Vanilla Ice Cream
The conceptual vision of the Dell Inspiron range makes the emotional connection with users by encouraging them to actively personalise their hardware, through means of accessories, stickers, skins, and other forms of decoration. Like a canvas, the products should feel like a platform on which users will express their individuality and personality.
Our goal was to capture this ‘canvas-like’ spirit, and create a conceptual vision for the look and feel of Inspiron 2012, where each device provides a platform for user personalisation, while looking beautiful and complete in its original, unadorned state.
Creating an Aesthetic Strategy
This challenge gave rise to the conceptual language we called Vanilla. Like vanilla ice cream - it’s good on its own, but even better with the toppings. The STUCK team curated forms and visual triggers that inspired a feeling of ‘Vanilla’, abstracting and translating these into actual aesthetic cues and signature details that can be integrated into laptops and all-in-one desktops.
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