Hans Tan
Designed in 2008 for, DesignSingapore, 2008. Produced and presented.
Please do not reproduce in any form or post on blogs without the expressed written consent from Hans Tan.
Redefining the Concept of a Gift
Conceptual / Critical Design / Product Design
"Ceremony" is a set of gifts commissioned by DesignSingapore Council for the 4th Meeting of the DesignSingapore International Advisory Panel 2008. The design is a reflection on gift ceremonies, where the gesture of giving and receiving becomes the gift itself. The significance of giving as a performative ritual, often carried out by hands, is captured in seven unique forms, each necessitating a distinctive act. The seven gifts were handed out in a ceremonious affair to each of the seven members by Dr Lee Boon Yang, then Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts. 
The seven gifts are individually inspired by particular practices:
Ceremony No.1 (plaque)
Ceremony No.2 (tea ceremony)
Ceremony No.3 (gift box)
Ceremony No.4 (military / flag)
Ceremony No.5 (cupped)
Ceremony No.6 (scroll)
Ceremony No.7 (namecard) 
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