Lead Designer: Donn Koh
Designed by Donn Koh at One & Co, San Francisco, 2009.
Designed with Jonah Becker and Youenn Colin (One & Co)

Please do not reproduce in any form or post on blogs without the expressed written consent from Donn Koh and One & Co.
Eyewear for Urban Chic Sportiness
Industrial Design
The Urban Cyclist: Emergence of a New Context
2008-2010 - Urban cyclists, as a burgeoning segment, brings new questions about the design of cycling apparel. With cycling increasingly used for errands, social, and work commutes, the context has changed from sports to urban daily life. Traditional cycling eyeglasses seem to be overly sports-oriented for some of these new users.
A Multi-Use Hybrid: Urban Chic + Performance
The emerging segment has strong attitudes towards fashion and performance. While seeking an urban chic
aesthetic that is appropriate for both daily life and cycling time, they also place a high importance on the
eyeglasses’ functional suitability for biking.
Explicit vs. Stealth Performance
Aero is designed so that the crucial elements for sporting performance are preserved - but hidden. Otherwise, an explicitly sports-oriented pair of eyeglasses, with aggressive aesthetics that call-out performance features, will quickly become a misfit for daily work and social situations.

This means needing to have good field-of-vision, debris protection, comfort fit and durability - while finding a way to be aesthetically subtle about these features.
Twin Frame Design: Giving More Sporting Confidence
To give better grip stability and reduce the perception of fragility (although false), a twin frame design was used, to inspire more confidence in its usability as a cycling glasses. This also gave Aero an aesthetic signature that closely relates to the world of urban bicycles.
Against Muscle Aesthetic
I wanted to create the look of a very thin and light frame because it goes against the conventional ‘muscular’ approach for sports glasses. I thought this deviation will reduce the association with sporting activities and make Aero look more suitable for daily life.
Stealth Strength by Material
I also felt that a product that is light and delicate - and magically durable - is sexier and more effortlessly advanced than one which tries to shout about how ‘powerful’ or strong it is. Flexibile titanum was a good option because it could be very thin but still be very strong.
Desiging Stealth Features
Titanum’s flexibility provides a comfortable fit without fragile spring hinges. Its strength allowed it to withstand impacts without being thick and heavy. Its lightness means no need for chunky nose/ear pads, and its thinness meant perfect ventilation without explicit vent details.
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